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The Bachelor of Science Honours in Nursing [BSc Hons (Nursing)] Degree is a SLQF level 6 exit qualification offered by the Department of Nursing at the OUSL. This programme of study consists of minimum 120 credits, with 30 credits each at Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6. It is designed to develop a " generalist " professional nurse with advanced knowledge to provide quality care in every aspect of nursing practice.

 Programme Aims

 This programme aims to develop competent professional nursing graduates with broad knowledge, skills and favourable attitudes to provide quality care in every aspect of nursing practice. It is designed to contribute to the development of a graduate who will demonstrate a sense of commitment, social and personal responsibility, and sensitivity and responsiveness to the needs of others.

 Programme Objectives

 The objectives of the Programme are to:

 Enhance knowledge to make judgments and informed decisions in relation to the practice of nursing.

  • Improve the capacity to integrate knowledge, skills and professional attitudes to provide rational, safe and client-centred standardized nursing care.


  • Improve critical thinking abilities to provide a holistic nursing care across the lifespan in a variety of complex healthcare settings.
  •  Develop competency in all aspects of nurses’ role by integrating professional values, ethical, moral and legal concepts to deliver a quality service for the client and the institution.
  •  Encourage to apply knowledge and skills in the concepts and principles of teaching and learning to educate individuals, families and communities to promote health and well-being of the population.
  •  Enhance the capacity to communicate and collaborate effectively through verbal, written and electronic media with individuals, families, communities and with members of the healthcare team, and in documentation of data in the delivery of quality patient-centred care
  • Improve the ability to apply concepts and skills of leadership and management to deliver effective and efficient high-quality care.
  • Facilitate acknowledging and appreciating the need to engage in lifelong learning to advance the nursing education and practice.
  •  Attributes of Qualification Holders 

  • Knowledge, understanding and skills in the discipline
  • Professional competence in the application of theory into practice  
  • Capacity for enquiry and research 
  • Capacity for critical thought, creativity and problem solving 
  • Effective communication and collaboration 
  • Information and IT literacy 
  • Ethically responsive social and professional conduct 
  • Personal and professional development through lifelong learning

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