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Online Application to follow a Study Program

Submitting an application to follow a Study Programme offered by  The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL).

Visit the following pages to select a study program. Carefully, check if the study program is available to new applicants and that you possess the required entry qualifications before you submit your application.  



Click the Apply Online button in the OUSL website (

You will be redirected to the "Online Application" portal (


Carefully read the "Instructions" given in three languages (English, Sinhala, Tamil). 

 Complete the following information. 

  • Applicant type - whether the applicant is applying as a local applicant or an Overseas Applicant (until the program is complete)
  • Study Programme - Select your program
  • Preferred Academic Center - Select your Center ( Some programs are limited to specific centers)

        [more details about academic centers -

  • Preferred Medium of study - Some programs are offered in multiple languages

Once you select the Study Program, Center and the Medium of instruction, you will be requested to select the Entry Qualifications you possess to follow the study program.

If you provide incorrect information, the university reserves the right to cancel your registration. Once you select the entry requirements, you will be requested to complete the basic personal data. 

Make sure the data you enter is correct. Once you complete this stage the Username and the Password required to complete the rest of the application process will be emailed to you at the email address given and an SMS sent to the given phone number.

Note that if you enter this information incorrectly, you will not receive login credentials. 

Once you agree to the condition to allow the OUSL to store your data and press the Next button, you will be sent the login credentials to your mobile phone and the email address.

You will also be redirected to the login page ( complete your registration process. 


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